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Capital One x AWS 


Capital One was headed to the AWS conference in Las Vegas and wanted to make a big splash in announcing their move to serverless. So to represent the boundless possibilities of working in a serverless environment, we used an infinite zoom approach in the animated assets and led with the strong, benefit-driven copy line "Know no bounds."

This giant digital billboard is on a very busy street in Las Vegas—and has 3 different screens that play simultaneously. Making all parts work together to create a cohesive message was a challenge, but so fun to bring to life. 

The idea behind this messaging revolved around Capital One's commitment to serverless technology and their ethos as a tech company. They weren't afraid to speak directly to software engineers and challenged us to use technical language and specific benefits that people outside our targeted audience probably wouldn't understand. 

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 1.53.46 PM.png

Through both organic and paid social posts on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter/X, we created a 360-degree campaign that drove attendees and followers to a corresponding event landing page on the newly refreshed Capital One Tech site. There, they could learn about event details, featured Capital One speakers, and other technology initiatives the company is spearheading. 

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