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Capital One 


As one of the first large enterprises to move entirely to the public cloud, Capital One has gone through a major transformation to be cloud-first and open source focused. This called for a full rebrand of the tech site and a take over of San Francisco during the Lesbians Who Tech conference. The goal? Communicate what being a developer at Capital One is all about—and how their innovative tech platforms foster innovation and career growth.

This fun video was featured throughout screen in the San Francisco airport, greeting summit-goers as they arrived. Iterations of this message was also shown in both taxi and rideshare screens, as well as taxi toppers. Bus shelters in neighborhoods surrounding the summit also showed our leading campaign line, "Tech platforms that automate for developers who innovate."

The idea behind this messaging revolved around our staying true to the spirit of technology at Capital One. It's advanced, often highly specialized and at the forefront of the finance industry. So our messaging didn't shy away from technical language, either. 

Through both organic and paid social posts on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter/X, we created a 360-degree campaign that drove attendees and followers to a corresponding event landing page on the newly refreshed Capital One Tech site. There, they could learn about event details, featured Capital One speakers, and other technology initiatives the company is spearheading. 

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