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Spectrum Enterprise


In 2022, Spectrum Enterprise completely rebranded with a campaign called "Be Unreasonable." This kicked off our project to not only refresh the entire website, but also create a new messaging architecture for three different audiences—across four steps of the customer journey.

Spectrum Enterprise is a brand that connects businesses across the country to their powerful, nationwide network. But convincing an organization to switch services can be quite a challenge, due to the sheer amount of work and risk involved. One of our main goals in rewriting the website was to build a sense of authority into the voice—and to show businesses that Spectrum Enterprise has a long history of working with Fortune 500 companies and leading technology experts. 

At the same time, we didn't want to alienate midsized businesses, who are often located in smaller buildings, schools, healthcare clinics and government buildings. It was an interesting balance to strike, which is most evident on the 12 specific industry pages.


Informing all this website copy was the messaging architecture, which I wrote alongside strategy for the first few weeks before development started. Our goal with this architecture was to create a lasting resource for the client, so they could have copy to reference or pull from when developing marketing assets in the future. That way, the brand's voice would always be consistent.

In total, we wrote short, medium, and long form copy across four different stages of the customer journey—and for three different audience segments. Check out just one example of how we put this massive document together below!

In total, I wrote copy for over 50 pages, including product pages, industry-focused pages, contact/support pages, and even quiz pages. All of it came together to create a much more robust, informative, and consistent website that accurately communicates Spectrum Enterprise as a leader in the enterprise technology space.


This project is still ongoing, with the final stages of development scheduled to end later this year. But we're still iterating on the same campaign that inspired it all, like with the banner below.

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