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Harman Kardon


Harman Kardon's automotive website needed a revamp after years of struggling to keep up with their evolving partnerships and new branding. Working closely with the client, I rewrote the entire site with benefits-led copy and an elegant voice that better represented the premium nature of the brand. This made the dense, technology-focused sections easier to understand and much more enticing.

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When it came to user experience, the new site had to house over 100 vehicle models without feeling overwhelming. We ultimately decided that a simple scrolling menu of brand parters would be the best experience. Each of these brands would then get its own page, where the vehicle models could expand and minimize with a simple click. 

When writing copy for each car model, I had to balance Harman Kardon's very distinct voice with the tone of each vehicle brand partner. From Maserati to Ram, I wrote all 11 vehicle pages with unique copy that showcased how Harman Kardon enhances the driving experience. 

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