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Harman Kardon: Automotive Site Refresh

Harman Kardon's automotive website needed a revamp after years of struggling to keep up with their evolving partnerships and new branding. So alongside our design team, we developed a brand new automotive site that would properly feature the Harman Kardon listening experience. 

When it came to user experience, the new site had to house over 100 vehicle models without feeling overwhelming. We ultimately decided that a simple scrolling menu of brand parters would be the best experience. Each of these brands would then get its own page, where the vehicle models could expand and minimize with a simple click. 


When writing copy for each car model, I also had to balance Harman Kardon's very distinct voice with the tone of each vehicle brand partner. From Maserati to Dodge, all 11 vehicle pages were written with unique copy that showcased how Harman Kardon enhanced the driving experience. 

Additionally, we worked with the client to ensure all copy on this new site was benefits-driven. This made the dense, technology-focused sections easier to understand and much more enticing.

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