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LLS: Greeting Card Package

For nonprofits, attracting new donors ​is harder than ever. That's why The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) asked us to create an acquisition package that would inspire people to make a donation and continue to be loyal to their organization for years to come.

In creating the Greeting Card package, I had the supreme honor to speak with Zach's mother on the phone and hear her family's story firsthand. Channeling her bravery, voice, and poise when writing a letter from her perspective was a unique challenge. But in the end, both she and Zach were very pleased with how the package came together.

Telling such an emotional story made an incredible impact on the donors, too. This package beat the control package in response, donations raised, and average donation amount. Incredibly, it was the first letter package to beat the control in over five years. Thanks, Zach!

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