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Make-A-Wish: The Puppy Package

After working with Make-A-Wish for two years, I was given the opportunity to create a package from scratch to test with the acquisition audience. And so the Puppy Package was born. 

I'd been searching for ways to incorporate a wish kid's own words in a package for months. Nick's letter was perfect: it's bursting with personality, love and charm (I may have cried when I first read it). Plus, who doesn't love puppies? So with the help of my design partner, we put together a package that would appeal to dog-lovers everywhere, with Nick's voice as the star.

From the playful paw print notepads to the cute puppy photos, this package fulfilled Make-A-Wish's goal to bring the joy of a wish to donors, as well. And the preliminary results of this test showed that this approach resonated with not only the acquisition audience, but long-time donors, too. 

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