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HARMAN: NYC Windows Display

Each season, we're given the challenge of redesigning the window displays of the HARMAN store in Midtown Manhattan. And working together with a designer, I helped create two different and cohesive themes.

The first theme featured in the video was the first window redesign we did after COVID-19 began. Because of this, we created an outdoor theme with a subtle nod to working from home. We wanted to show customers how HARMAN products can elevate their outdoor excursions and help them have fun during a challenging time. 

The second theme was centered around what HARMAN products can help you achieve and become. I loved writing the short "Be ____" lines — and had a lot of fun translating those words into interactive window displays. 

These window displays are always such a challenge since I only get two or three words per window, but it's also an awesome opportunity to write in such an artful, visual way. 

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