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Mark Levinson: Website Refresh

Mark Levinson is a brand for true music lovers. Their top-of-the-line audio systems feature industry-leading technology and a single component can cost up to $40,000. At the beginning of 2020, Mark Levinson went through a rebranding in an effort to appeal to a more diverse audience. This included a whole new advertising campaign and a complete website refresh.

When writing for the new website, our team had to entirely rethink the customer journey. Consumers would not be able to purchase the products from this website, so we focused our efforts on illuminating the listening experience first. Then, we designed the website and copy to guide consumers through each product category in a way that felt much more approachable and straightforward. 


In terms of product writing, I had to translate very dense, technology-focused copy into something that anyone could understand. But at the same time, I didn't want to cheapen these incredibly advanced products. Striking the right balance was tricky, but the client loved what our team achieved. 

The result of our efforts was a truly beautiful website that represents the heart and soul of Mark Levinson. After launch, the new site brought int 74% more traffic. Click through rates to find audio dealers also increased more than 31%, making this rebrand an incredible success during such a challenging year for in-person businesses. 

In 2021, our work was also won a MarCom Gold award for Website Redesign. 

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