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UX Writing Projects

Above are a collection of UX writing work I've done for projects that were too small to earn their own page. Most of my experience with UX writing comes from large website rework projects, so it's always a fun challenge for me to focus on writing in shorter formats. When I first started getting interested in UX, I also did a 15-day challenge and mocked up some of my favorites (please forgive my lack of design prowess). 

One project I will highlight is the coaster page that was on This product page posed a very unique problem because each coaster could be customized to feature any city in the world. The seller insisted on linking a PDF with all of the options on the page and allowing customers to type in the name of the city themselves.

We tested this approach and quickly gained the data we needed to convince them to try something different. I negotiated with our merchandising managers to select the best-selling cities so we could narrow down the product selection. I then built individual SKUs for these cities so we could do an alphabetized drop-down menu. When a city was selected, this drop-down menu would also pull a matching image, so shoppers could see the design before purchasing (this wasn't possible with the previous approach). 

Finally, I also negotiated with the account managers to let us sell the coasters as a pack of four, rather than individually. This made the buying experience much more seamless and resulted in a higher purchase rate of the product. 

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