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The ask: Take Spectrum's email template and create new, exciting concepts for standardized communication emails. The resulting emails were so successful that the client asked our agency to take over the email work for the coming year—including a new product launch.

image001 (1).gif
image002 (1).gif

The above emails were all initial concepts to boost app downloads for current customers. Spectrum had never featured reviews in emails before, despite being a highly rated app on both Android and Apple. This proved to be highly effective and ultimately, the third email's approach to displaying the app ratings was selected to move forward.

We also introduced a variety of animation approaches, from a scrolling phone, shiny buttons and a glowing icon. All three helped helped draw the eye, create a more effective hierarchy and make the experience more dynamic overall. (2).gif

These next four emails were all concepts exploring how to appeal to an upgrade audience who already has an established package of services. How could we use animation to visually represent the additional channels and services they'll receive if they upgrade? How can we make these emails stand out amongst the noise?


The client really appreciated the breadth of options we presented, as well as the line of thinking behind each. Ultimately, the third email was selected to move forward, because the client loved how the second module so clearly paid off what "more" meant in the top header.

Our final concepting project was to support the launch of Spectrum One, a brand new offering that combines internet, advanced WiFi, and mobile service. This was a unique challenge, because so much information had to be conveyed in such a compact, quick read. My art director partner and I explored quite a few different approaches, but the emails above are the top three that made it to the final round.

To our delight, the first email was chosen to lead the campaign. We were thrilled, because we felt it struck just the right balance of interactivity and informative. Turns out, customers agreed!

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